The Latest Trend Of Hybrid Cars

Published: 26th August 2009
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Hybrid cars are the craze these days with their advanced features, modern design, and fuel economy leaving fewer impacts on the environment. The latest models of hybrid cars encompass many new trends that are absent in ordinary vehicles. Some of these latest trends are mentioned below:

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is the ultimate bonus point of a hybrid car. It gives you a lot of leverage on your fuel consumption and the monthly gasoline bills. Although hybrid cars have always been known for their fuel economy capabilities, latest models are more efficient than the older ones. Additionally, they also come at much lower rates as compared to the earliest models of hybrid cars.

The combination of electric motor driver and a gasoline engine helps in a better performance on the road. The electric motor is perfect for a normal driving routine while the gasoline engine can be used on highways and mountainous tracks. The mileage on the electric motor has also been improved in the latest models of hybrid cars.


Hybrid cars have attained an almost unparallel advantage over ordinary cars. The differentiating factor is the availability of sleek designs and modern accessories that come with these vehicles. Most hybrid cars now come with great designs and unique colours. Additionally, they keep the green factor in mind and ensure a complete compliance with the environment safety rules. The designs are thus totally environment friendly.


Apart from the modern design, the latest trend in hybrid cars is the inclusion of technology for driving guidance. Parking assistance software, for example, help in a quick parking of a hybrid vehicle, including a complete guidance of difficult parallel parking. The exterior lights are brighter and consume very less energy as compared to an ordinary vehicle.


The interior of the new breed of hybrid cars is equally plush as is its interior. The modern style seating comes in leather with a high emphasis on the comfort factor. The seats are wider than the older models and are equipped with modern seat adjustment features that are adjusted through a remote control. Entertainment features are also installed including audio system, DVD players and TV screens. One can also install individual LCD screens at the back side of the front seats to give your car a touch of a modern airliner.


Transmission system of the latest hybrid vehicles is that it can accommodate eight different speed levels in a quick succession. The brake system of the new breed of hybrid cars is completely based on electronics and gives a better performance on road. The braking is fast, but does not cause an abrupt braking that can injure the passengers or the vehicle.

New models of hybrid cars come equipped with electronic stability controls that help in a better driving experience and increased road safety. They are also equipped with Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VIDS) that helps the drivers in controlling the vehicle without any difficulty.

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